Shire of Donnybrook - Balingup


ASK was contracted by the Shire to produce an Environmental Improvement Plan for the landfill at the request of the regulator; however, as the facility’s existing Operational Plan was produced in 2002 this required updating before an EIP could be produced.  We completed an assessment of the facility against its licence conditions and BPEM best practice guidelines to identify any issues to be addressed.

The Operational Management Plan for use in daily operations was produced to reflect current guidelines and regulations.  The EIP was produced to address a number of issues identified at the facility such as current slopes, staged filling, stormwater management and litter control.

Issues that were addressed in the plan included:

  • Litter control and traffic management
  • Final contours in line with best practice guidelines
  • Stormwater management on site
  • Correct use of daily cover and budget

We have continued to work with the Shire on several other specific projects and provide general technical advise on a adhoc basis.

Shire of Ashburton

Landfill Assessment as Component of a Strategic Review

ASK completed a strategic review of the landfill facilities at Paraburdoo and Tom Price, including determining the feasibility of establishing a transfer station for domestic drop-off waste at Paraburdoo. 

We completed an assessment of the facilities against their licence conditions and best practice guidelines to identify any issues to be addressed.  The waste quantities were extrapolated and whole of life cost modelling completed for each landfill.  A baseline (current situation) report was produced (including the assessment results) which provided the Shire a clear action plan for the continuation of the transfer station feasibility study and for the facilities to work towards full compliance.

 Issues that were addressed in the plan included:

  • Staged filling of the site and progressive rehabilitation
  • Final contours in line with guidelines
  • Stormwater management
  • Correct use of daily cover
  •  Accuracy of waste quantity data

Shires of Broome, Derby/West Kimberley and Halls Creek

Regional Waste Management Plan

We worked with three of the Kimberley Councils to collect baseline data relating to waste management operations, issues and targets for the next five years.  During an eight week tour of the region, seven landfill sites were visited and assessed against licence conditions and best practice guidelines. Meetings were held with local governments, Aboriginal communities, waste management companies and the local regulatory officers.  The formulated action plan ensured the implementation strategy for the Councils could be ‘rolled out’ rather than providing a list of general recommendations.  The plan also provided individual recommendations for each of the Councils while identifying opportunities for regional collaboration.  

Issues that were addressed in the plan included:

  • Management of small unmanned landfills
  • Achieving regional collaboration when towns are greater than 300km apart
  • Cost – benefit analysis of landfill compaction
  • Ensuring waste disposal practices in remote locations do not impact on human health
  • Cost effective recycling programs

We returned four years later to update and incorporate the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley into the regional plan to ensure the whole region was covered in a single  strategy.

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER)

Western Australian Recycling Activity Report 

ASK were awarded a three year contract by the WA Waste Authority to survey the State’s recycling industry and quantify the rate of recycling for each sector and material type.  We compiled a database of recycling and reprocessing organisation in the State which is updated each year and developed a series of sector specific surveys which are annually sent out to over 60 recycling and reprocessing organisations throughout the State. 

During the project we have visited up to 8 different organisation each year and held industry sector based workshops to gather feedback about the recycling and reprocessing sector. The survey is sent out annually and requests information about the waste types recycled, industry sector source, geographic source and feedback of any issues facing the organisation.

Confidentiality is an important factor in this project given the commercially sensitive information provided and we take significant steps to ensure the data is secure.  

The large data set is complied, verified and analysed to produce the annual report for the Waste Authority.  We have presented the findings at the States Annual Waste & Recycle Conference.

Issues that were addressed in the project included:

  • Compiling a database on all the organisations within the WA recycling sector
  • Developing a survey that gathers the required information in a user friendly way
  • Engaging with the industry to ensure a high proportion of survey replies
  • Ensuring data security and confidentiality is maintained
  • Managing large amounts of data
  • Presenting the information effectively in a written report and conference presentation

Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley

Implementation of Waste Strategy (multiple projects) 

ASK has been assisting SWEK since 2012 to improve the operational, financial, strategic and regularly aspects of their waste facilities and services.  When we were first engaged by SWEK the facilities were failing to meet regulatory compliance, presented significant environmental risks and lacked financial viability.

Following a thorough review of the facilities and services the strategic plan is being  implemented with technical expert advice from ASK.  Specific elements of the strategy already completed include:

  • Works Approval granted for new liquid waste facility
  • Landfill Closure Management Plans for both landfills
  • Financial review (whole of life costs) of landfill and revised charging
  • Production of Operational Management Plan
  • Fatal flaw assessment of land for new landfill sites

SWEK's facilities now achieve regulatory compliance, provide economically viable waste services and maintain efficient operational practices.  We provide ongoing consultancy services for specific projects and general technical advice ranging from Council briefings to operational queries from the landfill gatehouse staff.

Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA)

Alternative Waste Treatment (AWT) Establishment Guidelines – Discussion Paper 

ASK developed draft AWT establishment guidelines for Western Australia that could be utilised by proponents, operators and regulators.  In consultation with the WMAA AWT working group, we developed a methodology to meet the project objectives prior to starting the main tasks.  AWT operators and regulatory jurisdictions throughout Australia, North America and Europe were contacted to determine key issues that have been faced and the measures that have been implemented to address them.

The project considered the application of both thermal and biological technologies within  Western Australia and the available systems that could be applicable outside the Metropolitan area.  Specifically this part of the project assessed the use of these technologies by regional communities considering the smaller quantities of wastes.  

Shire of Broome

Landfill Closure and Rehabilitation Plan 

ASK developed a landfill closure and rehabilitation plan in line with BPEM Best Practice Guidelines to fulfil both the Shire and regulator’s expectations. The plan included pre-settlement and post-settlements contours, a contingency expansion area, rehabilitation requirements, staged filling and rehab schedule, post closure monitoring programme and a cost estimate for the closure and post closure costings.  The final plan was approved by the regulators and is being implemented by the Shire.   

Issues that were addressed in the plan included:

  • Closure plan for a historically poorly managed landfill
  • Lack of locally available clay
  • Meet requirement of high intensity rainfall climate

Bunbury-Harvey Regional Council

Transfer Station Licence Application 

ASK reviewed the operations of the existing transfer station at the BHRC Stanley Road Waste Management Facility against the existing facility Licence and Victorian Best Practice Guidelines.  The assessment was used to develop recommendations for the operation of the new proposed transfer station that will be established at the facility but with a separate  Licence.  We produced a Works Approval Application which gained regulatory approval so the new transfer station could be established.   

Issues that were addressed in the plan included:

  • Review of best practice design and layout
  • Provision of safe, effective facility for public use
  • Recommendations to achieve best practice
  • Producing a comprehensive application  to ensure timely processing by the regulator