Our Services

We are the regional and rural experts when it comes to waste and recycling.

Through our hands-on experience, we have gained a deep understanding of issues faced such as the tyranny of distance, the frequent funding struggles, the difficulty of keeping up with (or gaining) regulatory compliance and the importance of collaboration.

As a result of our work throughout the waste industry, we can also offer a wider, more-comprehensive view of the waste and recycling industry in Australia. This enables us to provide well-rounded, intelligent, and realistic advice that fully encompasses the economic, social, political and environmental viability and sustainability of a waste management and/or recycling solution.

A selection of the services and capabilities we can assist any size project with include:

Strategic Planning

ASK has extensive experience in strategic planning for waste management solutions that consider the long-term economic, environmental and social sustainability of any options.

We are particularly experienced in developing Strategic Waste Management Plans (SWMPs ) for local governments or far regional groups.

SWMPs are functional, practical guidelines that identify issues and opportunities for waste management and set out a series of priorities and strategies to be achieved over the short, medium and long terms.

These strategic plans provide a clear and appropriate strategic direction with a defined and achievable action plan.

SWMPs are tailored to the issues and opportunities of the area and ensure a solution that:

  • Meets the needs of the community;

  • Is consistent with State and Federal government legislation and policy;

  • Is cost-effective and fits the organisations financial strategy and available resources;

  • Provides a long-term sustainable outcome; and

  • Works towards best practice environmental management.

ASK Waste Management were very professional and knowledgeable regarding our SWMP. All aspects of the project exceeded our expectations”
— Shire of Dandaragan

Financial Management & Budgeting

The provision of waste services and facilities involves long-term capital investments and significant operational costs.  Therefore detailed annual budgeting and effective financial management is critical to the financial sustainability of facilities and services. Some of the key problems we encounter with the financial management of waste services and facilities include:

  • Other revenue subsidising the delivery of waste services as direct revenue is insufficient;

  • Gate fees at waste facilities not accounting for 'Whole of Life' costs, such as landfill closure and rehabilitation;

  • Lack of sufficient capital reserves for site closure and management, and the development of new facilities;

  • Fees structures that encourage landfilling over recycling;

  • Fees and charges that result in the cross-subsidisation between different stakeholders (i.e. domestic customers subsidising commercial waste disposal)

  • Inefficient service delivery models that increase cost for Councils.

ASK has experience in assisting customers and particularly local governments improve the financial management of waste services by:

  • Undertaking Whole of Life Costings that consider all phases of a facility's life-cycle;

  • Undertaking reviews of gate fees and waste charges for Annual Budgets;

  • Completing 10 year cashflow projections to identify any future shortfall;

  • Undertaking Economic Reviews of waste service provision (disposal, collection, recycling, litter cleaning etc.); and

  • Making recommendations to improve the efficiency of service delivery.

Thank you very much for the professional level of service and good advice. Your report put the Shire in a good position, with understanding going forward.
— Shire of Waroona

Resource Recovery Projects

As advocates for the move towards a circular economy, ASK has an energetic interest, coupled by proven experience and extensive industry knowledge, in resource recovery projects.

We have widespread experience assisting customers to increase the level of resource recovery within their communities to target many materials including:

  • Packaging materials;

  • Food organics and garden organics (FOGO);

  • Greenwaste;

  • Crushing and reuse of concrete and inert wastes;

  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW);

  • Metals Recycling; and

  • Problematic Wastes

We assist the introduction of such initiatives by developing Project Proposals, Budgets and Management Plans, and assisting with grant and funding applications to state and federal governments.

When introducing new resource recovery services, it is important to consider many factors such as material quantity, cost of collection processing and transport, market value and market stability.

ASK is particularly knowledgeable in the establishment of FOGO systems in local government arenas including:

  • Reviewing industry capabilities, locations and capacity;

  • Assessing alignment to strategic objectives;

  • Completing FOGO service evaluation, development and implementation;

  • Developing and assessing collection contracts and tenders;

  • Developing innovative solutions and options;

  • Assessing options for economic, environmental, governance and social impacts; and

  • Developing clear practical recommendations.

ASK were proactive in designing the content and format of the report, and was on the mark with the information needed. Giles was totally responsive to the timeline and communicated soundly form the first contact.
— Transpacific Cleanaway

Site Identification & Development


Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) we assist organisations in the identification of suitable locations for the development of waste management facilities such as:

  • Landfills

  • Transfer Stations

  • Composting Facilities

  • Liquid Waste Facilities


Once an appropriate site has been identified, we provide assistance for the planning and approvals process such as:

  • Facility layout and design

  • Community consultation

  • Works Approval applications


We assist with project implementation once the necessary planning and works approvals have been received by:

  • developing project implementation and quality assurance plans;

  • developing contract requirements and tender specifications for necessary goods and services; and

  • developing Operational Management Plans and other documentation necessary for site commissioning and operation.

Estimated costs have been accurate. Industry contacts and knowledge excellent. Work done on time and within budget. Easy to work with.
— Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley

Operational Management & Environmental Compliance

Even the most well-designed facility will fail if the people and systems aren’t aligned and organised.

ASK’s team has wide-ranging experience and an excellent track record for helping organisations improve the operational management and efficiency of their waste management facilities and ensure that they achieve compliance with the regulations.  

We have conducted site reviews that have identified opportunities to improve the quality and efficiency of the services provided. We have developed Operational Management Plans, Environmental Management Plans, and Environmental Improvement Plans that reflect and enact the improvements identified for a wide range of customers and various sized facilities.

ASK’s communication regarding the needs of the Shire resulted in a document that is both accurate and achievable to meet legislative requirements and improve operations of the facility
— Shire of Donnybrook - Balingup

Landfill Closure & Rehabilitation

All landfills require a comprehensive closure and rehabilitation plan to ensure that appropriate environmental outcomes are achieved when a landfill is decommissioned. Closure Plans  should be developed early in a landfill's operational life (ideally prior to their construction) so that the landfill can be developed towards the design final contours and that the significant cost of closing and rehabilitating the facility can be accounted for and spread over the life of the facility.

Personable, organised, programmed and completed ahead of time. Technical knowledge excellent. Creative view taken to maximise opportunities for landfill capacity.
— Shire of Broome